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how we work

We understand that the claims process can be difficult and overwhelming, so we operate on a No Win -  No Fee basis. Here we will explain what this means, so you know what to expect when working with us.

no win no fee

Our “No Win, No Fee” arrangement is one that guarantees you won’t pay for any associated fees if your legal team fails to achieve an outcome in your favour.

no win

no fee

financial burden

We don’t want you to worry about cost, so we pay all of the expenses necessary to progress your matter, including your personal travel costs. We never charge you an additional fee for covering these expenses. At the end of the process, you will only be invoiced for the expenses themselves, interest-free.


Customarily firms will require their clients to pay outlays progressively or sign them up to third-party “litigation lending” arrangements. Clients can pay interest rates as high as 25%. Some firms will pay outlays for their clients yet will charge interest additionally.

These are additional costs to their professional fees.


Customarily, firms charge an "uplift fee".


This is simply a loading on top of standard professional fees for undertaking a No Win/No Fee claim.  In Queensland, this is typically 25% and the maximum permitted under Queensland Law.  


We do better than this.


We help you make a claim on a No Win / No Fee basis. This means there is no interest charged, no uplift fees, no litigation lending arrangements, and therefore no surprises. 


We never charge any additional fees for taking on that risk. We are only paid upon the successful conclusion of a claim.

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